EXPERT triple action indoor and outdoor broom with metal handle Ref: 930070


A broom with anti-shock edges (TPR) protecting walls, baseboards and furniture from possible shocks given while sweeping. It allows to clean efficiently and effortlessly all types of floors depending on the inclination of the broom and thanks to its various fibers. Sold with a metal handle of a suitable length of 1.20 meters. The product is innovative, only two manufacturers in the world master the technology to produce this item.

Quantity Box of 24 packs
Thickness 0.25cm
Broom length 31.5 cm
Broom width 7 cm
Broom height 12 cm
Handle length 120 cm
Composition coated metal, Polypropylene, PVC, steel, TPR, Vinyl
Weight 417 g

Product advantages

  • Made in Italy
  • Triple action
  • Italian screw