POL’HOP, what is it ?

    POL’HOP is a brand of the company Balmoral INTL based in Ecully, near Lyon, France. We are a group of household experts offering a complete range of products. Our goal is to make your life easier in your household tasks because, for us, cleaning should no longer be a chore. It must be done quickly with efficient products, easy to use but also by ensuring you a perfect hygiene.

    Our slogan

    “Make it easy” is the goal of our products. We really focus on our will to make your cleaning easier. It something important to us and that we want to share with you thanks to our colorful and practical products.

    Our colors

    Our main colors are silver-gray and green. We use the silver-gray for the “classic” side, this color blends in your home. It is intended for all types of customers, including professionals.

    The green is mostly used for visibility, it is a color that highlights our products and brings joy and good mood while enhancing on our environmental approach.

    Our commitments

    Our products are mainly made in our factories based in the European Union (France, Spain, Italy). We work to respect the environment. Indeed, our factories and partners have adopted an eco-responsible approach (short circuit of raw materials). Thus, our carbon footprint is reduced. In addition, we use a new technology which allows us to inject recycled plastic into the heart of some of our products while coating them with virgin plastic in order to increase their solidity. Our packaging is also designed to reduce the environmental impact.

    POL’HOP is proud to be part of the CITEO/ECO-EMBALLAGES program by participating financially in the program for the recovery of household waste and packaging.
    In addition, we adopt the TRIMAN logo on our packaging to encourage consumers to recycle. We are also a member of COFREET by putting up care symbols on our textiles.

    Our mobility

    Our location is ideal for moving our products quickly while limiting our carbon footprint. Indeed, our main logistic platform is located in Courthezon, near Marseille which is the second largest commercial port in France. This allows us to facilitate exports via the Mediterranean Sea and in particular to the African continent but also to the Middle East, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean… Our Head Office as well as a lighter logistic structure are located near the international airport of Lyon Saint-Exupéry which also allows us to send products by air flight.

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