Pol'Hop, the french household brand Make it easy!

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A wide range of household products recognized in over 50 countries.

POL’HOP is a french brand of affordable household products aimed at people who want to make their life easier. Most of our products are manufactured in our European factories (France, Spain, Italy) according to a unique know-how and meeting the highest quality standards. Moreover, we follow an eco-responsible approach thanks to our processes and our short circuit. Thus, our ambition is to make your cleaning easier while protecting the planet.

POL’HOP, reliable, modern and environmentally friendly household products, the choice of tomorrow... starting today!

POL’HOP is a brand 100% intended for export.
- Our values : serenity, simplicity, pleasure.
- Our roots : household items.
- Our points of difference : offering quality, durable and easy-to-use products.
- Our fight : forget the hard-work of cleaning.
- Our customers : are looking for a perfectly clean home, easy to maintain and pleasant to live in.
- Our slogan : Make it easy!
- Our production : european (factories in France, Spain and Italy).

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