10L floor cleaning set Ref: 930047


This set is composed of a 10L round bucket, a grid, a cotton mop and a metal handle of 1.20 meter. It's perfect to have everything on hand without cluttering up your home! Our flagship colors: green and gray will delight your home by ensuring a quality design.

Quantity Box of 40 packs
Capacity 10l
Handle length 120 cm
Handle diameter 2.2 cm
Handle weight 170 g
Wringer depth 9 cm
Wringer length 17 cm
Wringer width 27.5 cm
Wringer weight 80 g
Bucket depth 23 cm
Bucket diameter 29 cm
Bucket weight 260 g
Mop length 29 cm
Mop width 40 cm
Mop weight 120 g
Total weight 630 g
Composition coated metal, Cotton (mixed fibers), Polypropylene

Product advantages

  • Made in Italy
  • All-in-one wash all types of floors